About Us

Former Great British Bake Off hopeful (not very hopeful since she's not British) Missy Carr has applied her baking skills to the art of soap-making since mid-2020 via her Latchkey Lathers company/online store.

In early 2022, she decided that she wanted to open a glitter store of her own. The reason was simple: she has always been moderately obsessed with glitter.  Thus, Latchkey Lusters was born! Her goal is to continue to support other soapy supply companies enthusiastically while also providing unique biodegradable glitter products for other soapmakers and crafters through her own online store.

Missy lives in Tennessee with her husband, son, and menagerie of pets and lovingly designs and creates soaps--and now glitter mixes!--when she's not grading college English essays.