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Latchkey Lusters

Don't Say Yes Biodegradable Glitter Mix

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Our gorgeous Don't Say Yes Biodegradable Glitter Mix is a an ode to the poignancy and burgeoning maturity apparent in Taylor Swift's Speak Now (Taylor's Version) album. Also, every time you use it, you'll hear "I Can See You" play in your head in its entirety.  

💜 Lavender & Amethyst Bio Glitters: Dive into Taylor's world of angst and things left unspoken with beautifully moody lavender and rich amethyst hues, all crafted from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. Do your best work or create your best cosmetic look while respecting the planet.

💜  Capturing the essence of Taylor Swift's lyrical prowess, this mix also embodies the power of words and the elegance of self-expression. It's a nod to the lyricism that Taylor Swift has always celebrated.

Beyond its stunning appearance, Don't Say Yes bio glitter mix is a symbol of our commitment to environmental responsibility. We believe in beauty that's respectful of the planet, allowing you to shine and create with a clear conscience. 💜✨📜

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