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Fakers Gonna Fake Biodegradable Glitter Mix

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To celebrate Taylor's most iconic album, 1989 (Taylor's Version), we made Fakers Gonna Fake Biodegradable Glitter Mix, a dazzling sky blue tribute to the reimagined world of Taylor Swift's 1989. Immerse yourself in a world of electric energy and unapologetic authenticity with this captivating bio glitter blend!

☁️ Sky Blue & Silver Bio Glitters: Dive into a sea of vibrant sky blue and silvery shimmer, crafted from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. Illuminate your look or project while caring for the planet.

☁️ Star-Shaped Holographic Silver: Our mix features star-shaped holographic silver bio glitter, adding an extra touch of youthful, hopeful charm to your sparkle.

☁️ Various Sizes: The blend includes an assortment of glitter sizes, empowering you to create a unique and dynamic style that resonates with the spirit of the 1989 era.

Beyond its stunning appearance, Fakers Gonna Fake bio glitter mix is a statement of sustainability. We believe in beauty that's kind to the Earth, so you can shine your brightest while being responsible.

You can use Fakers Gonna Fake bio glitter mix to make a shimmering statement that celebrates your individuality and pays homage to Taylor Swift lyrical genius. In a world where fakers gonna fake, you'll shine with authenticity. ✨💙☁️

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    Julie Bursey
    Still have not received my order.

    I have not received my order. The USPS tracking says label created sine 1/13/24I have emailed to inquire about the order, and no response almost a week now. I’m so disappointed. Guess I need to file a complaint.