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Karma Is a Cat Biodegradable Glitter Mix

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Introducing our gorgeous Karma Is a Cat Biodegradable Glitter Mix, a mesmerizing blend inspired by the cool electropop vibes of Taylor Swift's Midnights album and, like the album, will stir within you starry nights, magic, and moonlit melodies.

🌙 Sapphire & Purple Bio Glitters: Dive into the depths of the night with the rich and regal hues of sapphire and purple, created from eco-friendly biodegradable materials. Let your conscience rest easy while you shine.

🌙 Holographic Blue & Purple: Experience the enchantment of holographic glitters that add a beautiful shimmer to your look, capturing the essence of a moonlit soirée.

🌙 Various Sizes: Our mix features an array of glitter sizes, delicate dust to bold sparkles, allowing you to customize your cosmic aura. 

There's more to Karma Is a Cat than its bewitching allure. Our commitment to the environment helps to ensure that you minimize your environmental footprint while you craft and/or create gorgeous cosmetic looks. 

Let your inner star shine brightly with Karma Is a Cat bio glitter mix, for, in this world, karma is indeed a cat that brings you the magic you deserve. 🌌✨🌙

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