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Purple People Eaters Biodegradable Glitter Mix

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Purple People Eaters is a royal mix of violet, chunky iridescent, and ultra fine gold holographic glitters that is perfect for when you want to make something pop with sparkly purple glimmer.  We cannot emphasize the following point enough: this glitter is far more impressive than the 1988 sci-fi movie after which it is named. The movie makes nothing pop.

Color: Metallic violet, iridescent, and metallic holographic gold
Size: 1/24"/0.040"/1mm/1000 microns, 1/128"/0.008"/0.2mm/200 microns

Type:  Cellulose/Glycerine, Biodegradable lactide/shellac, Cellulose/Acrylates Crossploymer

Ingredients, glitter #1:  Cellulose (75%), glycerin (9%), water (7%), degradable polyurethanes (8.23%), pigment (.75%), aluminum (.02%)

Ingredients, glitter #2:  Polyactide (compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars) (85%), copolymer (15%)

Ingredients, glitter #3:  Cellulose (65%), glycerin (19%), water (5%), degradable polyurethanes (10%), pigment (.98%), aluminum (.02%)

Produced from eco-friendly film derived from sustainable natural resources, this glitter is as follows:

  • Child-Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Fade-Resistant
  • Skin-Safe
  • Multi-Purpose

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Please note: Not recommended for use with solvent-based products as they affect the properties of biodegradable glitter. When using biodegradable glitter to decorate soap, avoid excessive use of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

This glitter is considered to be cosmetic-grade, which means that the FDA has certified that the pigments/ingredients used in this glitter are safe for skin. This scolor is also considered eye safe. The cosmetic-grade information given here is based on the FDA's list of color additives permitted for use in cosmetics (which changes regularly). Customers are responsible for proper usage in his/her particular application. Putting anything (FDA-approved or not) near the eyelids can result in eye irritation. We are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage--but we support every individual's love of glitter!

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